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Why Do Business With a Las Vegas IT Services or Security Vendor

In today’s marketplace with the sweeping technological changes taking place at an almost alarming rate it is becoming even more critical that you, as someone who owns or manages a small business, have a reliable competent IT and security vendor.  Keeping up with technology is an impossible task for someone who doesn’t have a passion for it, and almost all business owners I have met, have a passion for their families and businesses.

Having long-term IT employees on-staff, is a huge advantage for us as a local provider over a national company. All of our employees are full time, provided health care and benefits, and ongoing education. We believe that investing in our employees means we are investing in our customers, that is a culture and a philosophy that is hard to come by in a nationwide company and to us it means our employees are happier and more productive and they deliver a better experience to our customers.

Most nationwide IT/Security providers do not have a local presence outside of a few major markets.  What they do is bid on jobs, then when they receive the job they call a whole bunch of local companies to get the job done.  How do I know this, well I am on the receiving end of that phone call at least once a day.

This means they do not understand the different challenges associated with each building type and/or neighborhood within the local market.

For instance, I read the local paper the Las Vegas Review Journal every morning, and I receive crime statistic emails by neighborhood from both the Metro Police Department, as well as the North Las Vegas Police Department.  When we get a client call asking for a security survey for their business, whether it be surveillance, alarm or access control, we understand everything that has gone on and is going on in their neighborhood, and therefore we can make informed recommendations based on the customers security level needs.  It would be impossible for me to realistically do that for more than our own market here in Las Vegas, and frankly I do it as a concerned resident as much as I do it from a business standpoint.

Most nationwide providers in say the alarm business have a system, that is the system they sell to all their franchises and it is what their franchises are allowed to sell under their franchise agreement.  So the job of the employee at that provider is to fit you into their system.  At PC911/Las Vegas Low Voltage, we work with three different alarm system manufacturers, and at least 10 different alarm accessory providers, this makes it easy to build an alarm system around our customer’s needs.

The above examples make it easy to see why going local, with local knowledge and expertise can be the key to a successful project. Whether you are a local small business owner yourself, or a larger company with a branch office here in Las Vegas,  the combination of PC911 and Las Vegas Low Voltage is the right choice for your commercial security or IT needs in the Las Vegas Valley.