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Toshiba Phone System Features Part 2- Off System Forwarding

  The most numerous requests for a feature that I hear are for off-system forwarding. Off system forwarding is quite simply the ability to transfer a phone call off system, for instance to a cell phone. The Toshiba phone systems that we install provide two very easy ways to do off system forwarding.
  1. One of the programmable buttons on your Toshiba phone can be programmed as a speed dial, so you would just press your transfer button and then the speed dial button.
  2. The other very simple way is to press the transfer button, then press the number assigned to seize an outside line (usually 9) and dial the number you want to transfer to.
Off system forward is a very handy feature for a service-based business. In the day-to-day a receptionist can easily transfer calls to technicians in the field, keeping employee numbers private. For companies with a sales staff, off system forwarding enables you to ensure your customers always dial you for their needs not an ex-employee’s cell phone number.