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Las Vegas Tech Support

PC911 The best tech support option in Las Vegas and Henderson

In the Las Vegas Valley, a small business has a wealth of options for their technology and infrastructure tech support. These usually involve calling multiple companies, a wiring company, a hardware company, a software provider and sometimes even a system integrator. PC911, provides all of these services to Las Vegas businesses, and much more all under one roof, locally owned here in Henderson. PC911 provides tech support contracts to businesses of all sizes, whether they are locally owned, or they are a branch of another main office.

With one phone call to PC911’s offices one of our Las Vegas tech support specialists can diagnose your problems and determine whether you can be assisted remotely or if you need a technician dispatched to your business.

What Does Business Tech Support Involve?

Business tech support can cover a broad array of needs, and PC911 has you covered for all of them:

  • Network and infrastructure planning and implementation
  • Voice Network design
  • Windows, Windows Server, Windows Networking
  • Mac problems, interfacing Macs on a PC network
  • Printing or Scanning Issues
  • Anti-virus/Anti-malware and Cyber-security
  • All low voltage wiring issues and problems
  • Office moves and Expansions

How Tech Support Saves Your Bottom Line

The alternative to having PC911 handle all your technology needs is to try and do it yourself.  That means either hiring a full-time technical team – a costly measure! – or asking existing employees to stop what they are doing and instead learn how to do technical support.  The problem is either way you’re losing money and losing time.  For the full-time team you’re paying for all the hours they aren’t working on your technology, and for the existing employees you’re paying for all the extra time they have to spend trying to figure out the problem, follwed by all the time it will take for them to catch up on their jobs.  It just doesn’t make sense.

You don’t want to be running to Fry’s for a new part you aren’t sure will really fix the problem.  You don’t want to be endlessly searching Google for the right solution hidden deep inside some obscure blog post.  You need an experienced Las Vegas tech support specialist who can come in, fix the problem in record time, and save you a bundle of time and money.

If your small business or local corporate branch needs award winning tech support help, with reliable and dependable technician responses, give us a call at our offices (702) 309-1911.