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PC911 Media Kit: 2008

That ambulance across street in the wee small hours of the morning doesn’t necessarily mean that your neighbor’s ill or been injured. In Las Vegas, Nevada or Phoenix, Arizona it often means that your neighbor’s computer is ill.

It could well be PC911, the Southwest’s fastest growing green computer repair service, on a rescue mission. PC911 is the Southwest’s, and as far as we know, the nation’s only mobile technical service for computer and network repair that arrives on the job with veggie fuel driven ambulances.Our services include wireless networking, data transfer, PC repair, PC installation, virus and spyware removal, as well as business telephone systems, to name just a few.

In almost any city in the nation, one can find a geek, working out of his other garage, who’s available to fix your home or business computer system.And therein lies the PC911 story: Chad Stone, Founder and President saw a clear need for a rapid response, computer repair team; one that is highly experienced, not only in the arcane environments of chips, circuits,networking, software and so many other elements of these machines that understand only 1s and 0s, but also a team that was engaging, socially acceptable, if you will: A skilled team of computer geeks who can not only assess and repair home and business systems, generally within a few hours,but can also communicate with clients and understand their needs.

But when you’re filling a need for which there are a myriad of options for your potential client base, you’ve got to do things differently, and Chad Stone did just that when he acquired the first PC911 ambulance.

"PC911 Media Kit: 2008" - download media kit pdf

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