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Preventing crime against your business pt.1

Being a business owner in today’s day and age is tough and can drive any normal, sane person straight to the loony bin.


Picture this:


You woke up early to head to your building, the sun is just starting to rise as you drive down I-15 as the sun peeks out you glance at the Strip. You exit on Tropicana, turn onto industrial and pull into your parking lot. As you pull into your space you swear you notice the front door swing just a hair. That’s not right, when it’s locked that door doesn’t move. Turns out the last one out swore he locked the door and set the alarm, but… I think you get the picture.

With all the great things that technology does there must be something that can help a business owner prevent being victims of crime. First, let’s quickly discuss two types of crime that a business owner/commercial property can fall prey to.

Crime of Intent:A crime of intent is defined as a crime that is forceful and requires the criminal to do something to gain entry, such as breaking a window, or using a crowbar to break open a door.

Crime of Opportunity:A crime of opportunity is defined as a crime where the criminal stumbles across or is looking for an easy theft. Examples of these are- leaving a door unlocked after hours and they are going through your complex and tugging on doors one-by-one, or you leave your doors on your van open as you are unloading and you come back and a bag is gone.

Deterring crimes of intent against your property is actually a lot easier than preventing crimes of opportunity. Here are a few very simple tips to preventing crimes of opportunity:

    • LIGHTING LIGHTING LIGHTING- The first and most important thing in preventing crimes against a property is making sure that the property is well-lit all around. Lighting should be verified every two weeks to ensure that it is functioning. If you have a surveillance system installed at your Las Vegas business, it should be easy to remotely view the cameras at night and verify your lighting is functioning.

Commercial Surveillance Systems

  • Surveillance Systems- A properly installed

    commercial camera system on a building is not only a deterrent from crime, but additionally provides evidence should a crime occur. Important things to note when designing your surveillance system:big camera

    • Keep cameras out of reach of at least a 1.5 person height if not higher.

    • Make sure the cameras can be seen well. Discretion is not the better part of valor in this case. It is likely that the $20 camera from your local superstore will not fit the bill.

    • Keep those cameras clean. A dirty camera is a useless camera.

    • Have your cameras set to send you pictures when motion occurs after hours

  • Alarm System- Just having an alarm is not good enough. You also need to work with your alarm company to make sure that they understand how your business works. For example:

    • Make sure your alarm company knows your business hours and when employees regularly leave the offices. The alarm company can then alert you when the alarm has not been set after a certain time.

    • Tie your alarm system into your access control so that when someone breaks into your facility the doors can all be remotely locked.

These are just a few things that a business owner can do to help prevent crime against their business. I will cover more tips and advice in the upcoming parts. If you live in Las Vegas, give us a call at Las Vegas Low Voltage (702) 309-1911 and we can help you with a security evaluation.

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