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What is all that STUFF in my phone closet?

One of the most frequent questions a Las Vegas Low Voltage technician gets asked is, what is all this stuff in my phone/data closet? Usually, quickly followed up by, do I need all this, or what does it do?


In the next few postings I am going to describe the different pieces of equipment and some of the terminology used by Phone and Low Voltage technicians when working in your phone closet.


The closet in your office has a lot of things going on in it, here are the main items:

  • Telephone Demarcation Point


    • The telephone demarcation point

      (or demarc) is the place in your office or building where the phone or cable company delivers your telephone services. It is called the demarcation point because this is where the line is drawn for responsibility between you and the phone company for any repairs that may be necessary.

When someone from the phone or cable company comes to your business to work on phone issues, one of the first things he will do is disconnect your wiring at the demarc and test from there back to the phone company equipment.

  • A common service offered by Las Vegas Low Voltage is demarc extensions. This is where we move your demarc point to a different place in the building, or move a particular wire to the demarc point.

  • 66 Voice Blocks


    • Here in Las Vegas 95% of the wiring in businesses are terminated to a 66 block. All of the voice jacks that are in plates in the walls in your office will go to a 66 block.

      • Las Vegas Low Voltage technicians do both extension and full office phone system moves. Need a phone moved to a different place, or moving your place to a different place, we can help.

    • Data Patch Panels


      • The data patch panels in your offices perform a very simple task. They are the point in the building where all the data wires that are in the plates in the wall come to.

        • Las Vegas Low Voltage technicians get daily calls to clean up and identify data wiring. Your data patch panels are one of the most common places in your room where a mess can be made. These messes can lead to all sorts of network issues.


These three things are where all the wires in your closet come from. Generally speaking everything in your closet will connect, or cross connect to these cables, and this makes this closet like the heart and all the cabling that comes to it like the veins and arteries in your body, except we are not moving blood but voice and data.

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