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What Router Should I Get?

What router should I get?

As more and more people become educated about the basics of networking, the more they understand the role their router has to play in the speeds of not only their internet connection but also their traffic between computers and other devices in their network. As we add additional devices to our business networks with IOT (Internet of Things) such as thermostats, network security cameras, alarm systems and the like, the workload your router has to do has exponentially increased. Small and medium businesses that used to be able to get away with using residential/consumer grade routers are now finding out that those older routers are just not up to the job. So how does a small to medium sized business upgrade their router, without downgrading their bank account? Enterprise-grade routers can be costly to purchase, and even costlier to implement. PC911 has found the solution for our Las Vegas customers time and again to be the Fortinet, Fortigate series of routers and firewalls. Fortigate routers receive a Top-rated “Recommended” by NSS Labs, the leading cyber security product research, testing and advisory source. The Fortigate 30 series starts at well under $500 and offers small and medium businesses services that they just could not afford before, such as:
  • Up To 80 VPN users- Businesses today need to be able to enable their employees to work remotely. The most secure, cost-affordable way to accomplish this is via a VPN or Virtual Private Network. Fortinet provides an easy to use client for every type of device so that you and your employees can easily and securely connect to your offices and do work or securely browse the Internet.
  • Backup Internet Connectivity via USB port- Are you in a location where the Internet provider from your carrier just isn’t the greatest? Using a compatible 4g USB modem from any of the major cellular carriers plugged into the Fortinet and you have a reliable, cost-effective back up for when your Internet goes down.
  • 800 mbps throughput- this means that you can share an Internet connection that is big enough now and in the future without worrying about your router being the speed bottleneck in your Internet connectivity.
So now that you have changed your business from a consumer grade router to a business grade router we have one more problem to tackle, wirelesses Internet. Most commercial/business do not come built-in with the ability to provide a connection wirelessly like the residential grade routers. Businesses overcome this by using what is called a WAP/AP or Wireless Access Point/Access Point. The WAP serves the sole purpose of providing a secure network connection to devices not connected by wire to your router. Depending on your building size, layout, and wireless usage you may need one or more access points in a building to provide stable and reliable network connectivity. We have experience with many different brands, and models of WAPs that we have dealt with through the years, and we have found that currently the line by Ubiquiti serves as one of the most reliable and cost-effective solutions for small and medium businesses. Ubiquiti wireless access points use a controller model, which is where the access points talk to each other and function in harmony making hand-offs between WAPs within a building seamless to the user. There are quite a few more benefits of Ubiquiti and the controller model that will be discussed in a future posting.  Suffice it to say that new wireless technologies enable covering of the old blind spots in buildings, and definitely solve the older problems associated with streaming sensitive latency sensitive material to portable devices. So how can PC911 help you solve your network issues at your business? It all starts with a phone call or email to our offices. We will dispatch a qualified network technician to take a look at your Las Vegas, Henderson, Green Valley or North Las Vegas businesses network for no charge. We will provide an assessment of your equipment, your network and how it is operating, and suggestions we believe will help improve the efficiency of your computers and networks and therefor provide your employees and customers with a better experience.