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Why should you hire Las Vegas Low Voltage for your commercial surveillance installation?

  • Innovative surveillance technology-

At Las Vegas Low Voltage we have access to a broad array of cameras and equipment from over 12 different manufacturers that we deal with. Why so many manufacturers? We have found in over a decade serving the Las Vegas market that each manufacturer does one or two things really well; one may make a great DVR, while another might make a great auto-tracking PTZ camera ideally suited for watching a cash register. Our expertise allows us to pinpoint what each manufacturer does best and integrate their technologies to better protect your business.


  • Understanding security needs-

Las Vegas Low Voltage has been contracted by major companies in town to consult on their security systems and how to improve their usability. We have designed security plans for companies such as dispensaries, grow facilities, airport buildings, and various other commercial structures. We have been contracted to build custom surveillance solutions such as our Green Solar Security Trailer, which runs exclusively off wind and solar and doesn’t need external power.

A casino company contracted us to build a prototype wireless covert surveillance solution for them that they could move room to room, without the need for technicians. So we designed our C.R.A.W.L Kit (Covert Remote Wireless Adaptable Lookout), a custom all-in-one package that exceeded their needs.



  • Ability to add and integrate into your existing systems-

Las Vegas Low Voltage employees have been doing surveillance for decades, and we are familiar with all the major brands and systems out there. Do you need help changing out a camera? Used to be able to connect remotely and now you can’t? These are just a few of the things we can help out with.


  • Professional installers

At Las Vegas Low Voltage one of the keystones of our business is our employees timeliness, cleanliness, and friendliness. Professionalism on the install is an important part to ensuring our customers have a great experience, and that starts with professional employees.


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