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Why Your Business Needs Surveillance

The 4 reasons you need a commercial surveillance system at your business in Las Vegas:

  1. Metro Alarm Response-

Although you may have a monitored alarm system, our local Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department will not send a unit to a business alarm trip without visual verification. This means either waiting for you or the alarm company’s personnel to go on-site before you can get a police response. A properly installed and configured surveillance system can alleviate this and cut the response time for Metro to mere seconds. As soon as you receive the alarm, bring up your cameras for full visual verification, saving the trip, fees from the alarm company and valuable police response time.

  1. Watch your employees while you are away-

Having the convenience of a smartphone/tablet with your surveillance system means you can pull up live or recorded events from anywhere. Curious what is going on at your business and the customer flow, in seconds you can see your office and employees.

  1. Theft Deterrent-

Properly installed and placed security cameras are a tremendous theft deterrent. Do you have blind-spots in your retail business that the cashier can’t see? Put a visible camera in that location, even better strategically placing monitors so that customers and employees know their monitored.

  1. Insurance-

Many insurance companies offer a discount on your business liability policy just for having a surveillance system in your business. Insurance companies realize the advantages for your business, most importantly giving you solid video evidence to support you as the business owner for any insurance claims.


Las Vegas Low Voltage is a local Las Vegas provider for businesses, fulfilling all surveillance, voice, data, and audio video needs. We are a licensed C2-D low voltage contractor, license # 00776643, by the State of Nevada with no complaints or disciplinary actions in our company history. We are locals, and have an understanding of the unique challenges that security and surveillance have in a 24 hour town such as Las Vegas. Give us a call today at (702) 309-1911 for a free security assessment of your business.

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