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What Can An IT Company Like PC911 Do For Your Business?

What can a Small IT Service Company like PC911/Las Vegas Low Voltage do for your business?

Be Your Technology guru for both office and home

A small business owner’s home is really just an extension of their offices. Everyday when you go home you bring your work home with you. So, firstly ensuring that you have all the connectivity to your offices that you need is a must. There are many ways to handle that, but a VPN is critical to ensuring that the communications between your home and office are completely private. Now that the essentials are covered, a GREAT IT service company will also handle what others may consider the little things, your home security and surveillance, your home theater and TV systems, making sure you have Wi-Fi available in ALL parts of your house. These are the things that make your life easier when you are trying to relax and enjoy and any good IT service provider will not only cover these things, they will be licensed contractors to make sure they can legally do them for you.

Help educate you and your staff

With the way technology is changing you and your staff need someone who keeps current with everything going on with networking, computers, telephony, and technology over all. Just telling you and your employees not to use public Wi-Fi is not enough, our job is to educate you how to be mobile and secure, to make doing the things you need to do more convenient. Your IT service company should be contributing to the knowledge of all aspects of your small business.

Learn about your business so we can make processes more efficient

Sometimes lost in the shuffle of being an IT company for small businesses is the doing the most basic job you were hired to do, help make the business more efficient.  How does your IT service company make your business more efficient? By first learning about your business, how it functions, the processes that make you work.  We can then suggest software, changes in hardware, or even just tweaks to how you use your existing software. For example, we recently had a new client who had an employee who spent half of their day scanning and emailing documents to the same three people. They were using an older multifunction scanner, scanning the document to a drive, then going to that drive in a computer and sending an email. We helped them get an inexpensive dedicated document scanner, configured it to scan to email and save in the proper folder at the same time, and the employee gained a full hour in their day to work on something else.

Above all else, help make sure your business is running everyday

The more we learn about you and your business, the more we understand what makes your business tick. Understanding pain points in your processes will ensure that we can make sure every critical system is up and available for you 24/7, and making sure that a backup plan is in place so all of your critical IT infrastructure is available when and how you need it. All of the above is what large businesses EXPECT out of their IT departments, as a small business every dollar you spend is critical so getting all of the IT services you need, whether you have 2 or 20 employees is equally critical. Your location doesn’t matter either, whether you are in Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, or Pahrump, practical, friendly, and reliable IT support service is just a phone call away. Give PC911 a call today at (702) 309-1911 and let us exceed your expectations for what an IT service company can provide.