The All-in-One Phone System

The AltiServ™ platform is the foundation of every AltiGen phone system, pre-packaged with powerful functionality. The telephone system includes all standard PBX functionality, and can support all Voice over IP (VoIP), analog, or a combination of both. The phone system is easily scaled in both size and capability. All day-to-day management of the phone system can be handled in-house.
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AltiGen's VoIP Business Phone Systems include:

  • Microsoft Windows Server-based IP PBX
  • Windows Telephony Clients
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Call Recording
  • Distributed Architecture that can grow as your business demands
  • Unmatched Mobility solutions for remote workers
  • Voice Conferencing
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Auto Attendants
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Comprehensive call reporting
  • Unified corporate appearance for multisite businesses
  • Windows-based administration for simplified extension and multi-site administration

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IP 710 Telephone
ip710AltiGen's award winning Voice over IP telephone provides paging, intercom, busy lamp fields, and much more.
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VoIP Softphone
voipsoftphoneAltiGen systems include call control software (AltiView). This same software can be easily upgraded to become a softphone.

IP 705 Telephone

ip705The IP 705 is a standard desktop IP phone designed exclusively for AltiGen VoIP phone systems.
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AltiTouch™ 510 Telephone
at510AltiTouch 510 telephones make executive level features and capabilities affordable enough for every user.
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Call Control Software for End-Users

altiviewOur desktop software provides call control, voicemail management and "screen pops." AltiView is included with every system.
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alticonsoleOur included operator software makes it easy to juggle calls and know who is calling. It even works with multiple locations.
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Call Center Software

AltiAgent™ and AltiSupervisor™
altiagentOur agent software will help your team professionally answer calls with real time statistics and advanced caller info. Supervisors have complete control with live views & monitoring of agent status, call queues and performance statistics.
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Call Monitoring
callmonitoringWhen enabled, our supervisor software can allow managers to selectively monitor live calls even when out of the office.

Advanced Routing/Call Distribution

altirouterRoute your customer calls automatically by caller id , account number and more to the right employee every time.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

sdkCustom integration with AltiGen's phone system is possible using our Software Development Kit.

Call Recording & Voicemail

Call Recording
callrecordingOur unique design makes it possible to automatically record individual or all calls without overpriced "bolt on" systems.

voicemailAltiGen's innovative design provides unlimited voicemail. Never worry about "Voicemail Ports" again!

Reporting Options

altireportAltiReport is a web based reporting application with advanced reports and queries to measure call center performance.

Call Detail Record (CDR) Reports

cdrEvery AltiGen system includes as standard a Call Detail Record application to maintain a history of all call activity.

Phone System Management Software

altiadminThe AltiWare administrator (AltiAdmin) allows you to easily manage all switching, extension, workgroup, and messaging functions using intuitive windows that guide you through the configuration steps for each feature. AltiAdmin communicates with the AltiGen phone system via TCP/IP, allowing you to remotely manage your phone system from virtually anywhere.
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