Voice Data Wiring

Voice Data Wiring

As a Nevada State Licensed Contractor, you can be assured that PC911 Las Vegas has the skills, staff and expertise to take care of all your voice and data wiring needs.  Hiring a licensed contractor helps to ensure that the job will be done on-time and on-budget.  Regardless of the size of your project, your business will receive a high level of commitment and attention by our staff.

PC911 provides network wiring, network relocation, set up and maintenance solutions in Las Vegas. We design fast Ethernet networks to meet every client’s requirements.  Do you already have a network infrastructure?  PC911 Las Vegas can upgrade or relocate your existing system at a moment’s notice.

The technicians at PC911 Las Vegas are experts when it comes to CAT 5 and CAT 6 Ethernet cable wiring, telephone data video network cabling, floor & wall mount racks, cable testing and cable certification, demark / demark extensions, Ethernet network wiring and internet activation.

Each and every installation is unique and PC911 Las Vegas takes great care to provide the best solution possible.  Our team of expert technicians and project managers will work around your busy schedule until your project is completed.

Hiring PC911 Las Vegas means that the job will exceed your expectations.  We are IT people, and we understand the wiring and everything that follows.