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Why your Small Business Needs a Technology Advocate

The Las Vegas and Henderson business markets are very tough on small and medium businesses. There are a 1001 pitfalls out there everyday that a business owner or manager can run into that can cause delays or loss in revenue.  From someone up the street crashing into a pole and taking your power and internet with it, to a weekend flood from a toilet that turned into a major disaster because it wasn’t discovered until Monday. You receive emails everyday promising everything from free money, to cheap money, to better service for a cheaper price. As a system integrator we get calls everyday for an “IT guy in Las Vegas” or “a low voltage wiring person in Henderson”, and people have come to expect just one thing from one company. They expect those things because frankly, that is what every other company has offered them service-wise. When we get those calls, we try and take a different tact; we try to send out a technology advocate.

What is a Technology Advocate?

What is a technology advocate you might ask?  A technology advocate is someone who understands the entire breadth of a problem. For example when you send a technology advocate out to do a demarc extension, he will investigate all the wiring and the conduit at the location and ensure that a demarc extension needs to actually be run, he will ID the wiring in the closet, to make sure that you don’t already have the cabling in place to hook up your T-1 or router. Or, for instance what if you are an out of town IT company who needs someone to be hands-on for you because even though you manage 95% remote you need someone to touch and feel. Wouldn’t you want that person to be educated about wiring and routers and switches and how they function and interact? A technology advocate not only replaces your IT company, they also serve a teaching role. Their job is to make sure your employees and you as the owner are safe and secure with all your technology everywhere you go.

Examples of Technology Training

So, when you hear all the time, “don’t use public wifi,” if there is not an educational component that goes along with it, it is meaningless. This is where a technology advocate can step in and give you the full picture. No you should never use public wifi, it is dangerous. Other people on the wifi, as well as the provider of the wifi can potentially see anything you do on public wifi. However if you use a VPN that is set to go back to your office you can generally ensure that your data is safe and secure. A VPN setup to your office is inexpensive, and a sure way to keep yourself digitally clean when you are on the road.  If you don’t have access to a VPN a better way than using public wifi is to turn your hotspot service on your smartphone on and use the wifi from that to do what you need to do. A digital advocate is definitely not a break/fix service, or even a common IT company. A digital advocate will learn about your business, and the more they learn the more they can teach you about how technology can safely make your company and employees more efficient. Technology advocates can suggest  helpful ideas from what business router is best, to software shortcuts, or even cloud services that can really impact a small business’ bottom line.   Do you need an “IT guy” or “IT Company” in Las Vegas or Henderson? Maybe you really need a technology advocate give our offices at PC911, a call and at (702) 309-1911 and lets talk about what technology can do for you.